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I am Marion Fahrenfort and I live in the Netherlands. Travelling, everywhere over the world, still is one of my main hobbies, even after the unexpected early death of my husband Jaap. Of some of the countries that I/we visited you will find some information and pictures on this homepage. Information on the following 5 Dutch families you will find on the Genealogy page.
Blokland (Blocklandt/Bloklant)
Van Maaren (Van Maren/Van der Maer(e)n)
Nietfeld (Niedfeld/Nietfelt/Nydtfeldt)
Stroosnijder (Strosnijder/Stro(o)snyders/Stroosnier)


Trip around the World

East USA & Pacific

West USA


Bhutan & India


South East Australia


South America


Mid & Southern China

Western Australia

Sri Lanka &Maldives

New Zealand


West China

Tibet & Nepal



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